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Poplar trees grow up to 8 feet per year.
Why wait 100 years for your ‘acorns’
to grow into oaks?

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Most business owners have no idea what to do with the extra cash in their business. Our software helps you invest and withdraw your cash, automatically or manually.

That way, you can stop bleeding money as your cash loses value and start easily earning on every spare dollar.

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Created by Business owners lior weinstein and genevieve bos

Lior Weinstein and Genevieve Bos had worked together for over 10 years. In 2020, the two started an incubator. Before long they had over $1 million in working capital that was sitting in the bank and losing value due to high inflation and almost zero interest.

Lior’s background in crypto investing, development, and mining since 2011 and his previous career as a professional financial trader led him to suggest investing their working capital.

It worked. Once invested, the incubator’s working capital started earning dividends.

Genevieve and Lior shared their solution for idle cash with other CEOs, who wanted to try it for themselves. It was too complex and time consuming for most of them, but they still wanted the higher yields. Many of them said they’d love to have an automated way to invest their idle cash.

After talking with a large number of business owners, Lior and Genevieve decided to build a technology company to automate investing idle cash and working capital.

Now, small to mid-size businesses can do what the big companies have been doing for years: yielding on every idle dollar.

Our team

Built by serial entrepreneurs and business owners

Lior Weinstein

Co-Founder, CEO

Genevieve Bos

Co-Founder, Chief Revenue Officer

Alon Weinstein


Kyle Ackley

Chief Experience Officer

Stop worrying about your cash

No need to bleed money as your cash loses value. Poplar can put your money to work.

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