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Find your idle cash: The Idle Cash Scanner

No need to hire a treasury manager or dig into your books. Find out how much idle money you can invest instantly with Poplar’s idle Cash Scanner tool.

Here’s How it works:

Connect any accounts you’d like to be scanned.

See how much of your cash is idle and losing value.

Poplar’s AI will show you how much you can safely invest and for how long.

The yield marketplace

How does Poplar help you earn?

Poplar connects you to thousands of products, so you can pick and choose where your money goes.

Gain one-click access to any combination of products and add more as we regularly expand the marketplace.

Transparent Access

No Black Box

Traditional Investments

See a demo of your earnings: The Portfolio Builder Tool

Build smart portfolios based on your risk tolerance and liquidity needs. Let Poplar guide your strategy or build your portfolio manually.

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How do I Invest? Working Capital Automation Options

Automate your investing with ‘set and forget’ rules and conditions that you can customize for your business needs.

Can I watch my money 24/7?
Live reporting tools

Easily manage accounts with customizable dashboards and show earnings with printable reports.
Show Transactions from each individual pool or all of your pools at once.
Watch, organize, and track every dollar

Manage your investments like you manage your business.

The money manager’s dream:
manage deposits and withdrawals for specific business needs.

Where most investing software allows only one lump sum, Poplar allows you to create different accounts, pools, and charts to reflect your business needs.

Inventory Pool

Taxes Pool

Payroll Pool

Distributions Pool

Poplar works with:


Facebook ads



Google ads

And many more

Can I connect other financial tools? Integrations

Poplar can integrate with a variety of your business tools, so you can set up automation triggers and rules.

Poplar works with:

Can I offer Yield as a Service to my clients? API Options

Poplar’s full API is available for developer integrations so you can offer Yield as a Service to clients to help them profit on their idle balances.

Poplar works with:

Payroll Companies

Financial Services

Payment Companies

Business Transactions Services


How to monitor your DeFi investments: Monitoring Tools

Your Yield Guard:
With DeFi investments moving in real-time, you’ll want 24/7 monitoring.

Trust our conservative limits or request to customize your risk tolerance, then let Poplar keep a close watch.

If something changes, we’ll pull your money out.

Stop worrying about your cash

No need to bleed money as your cash loses value. Poplar can put your money to work.

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